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Picture this: A spirited and resilient young chap, engrossed in the magic of digital connectivity, stationed comfortably on a sofa. He navigates through the virtual maze with exceptional finesse, his laptop being his light and shield. Isn't technology amazing? It crafts bridges where once were walls for our hard of hearing youth. Let’s further foster those bridges, removing barriers and embracing inclusivity.

October: A Dual Call for Awareness in Breast Cancer and Disability Employment

08414 min read

Elevating Awareness in Disability Employment and Education While October is widely recognized for its pink ribbons symbolizing breast cancer awareness, it simultaneously marks National…

Here we have a rousing scene of enthusiastic young learners, hands reaching skywards, not merely expanding their intellects but challenging existing norms. This is no ordinary classroom scenario. These life-embracing youngsters are part of an inspiring collective - our hard-of-hearing youth - eager to learn, innovate and redefine the narrow confines of 'normal'. The spirit radiating from their upraised arms serves as an inspiring testament to their indomitable will and immense potential.

Navigating the Educational Journey: A Guide for Parents of Hard of Hearing Children

09512 min read

Empowering Your Child for Academic Success As the warmth of summer begins to permeate, the minds of parents with hard of hearing children invariably…

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