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At the Hard of Hearing Young People Foundation (HOHYPF), we believe in the power of communication to support and empower hard-of-hearing young people. We invite open dialogue to better understand and address the needs and challenges within this community. Whether you’re looking for information, want to offer support, are interested in collaborating, or have insights to share, your involvement is vital to our mission. We rely on inclusivity, innovation, and advocacy, and value every perspective that helps us enhance the lives of hard-of-hearing youth.

Your Role in Our Community

Your participation is crucial to the development and success of our initiatives. Parents in search of resources, individuals eager to volunteer, and organizations looking to partner with us are all vital to our foundation’s community. By coming together, we can create a supportive environment where hard-of-hearing childs are not just heard but are given the opportunities to thrive and succeed. Together, we’re committed to breaking down barriers and fostering a world of equal opportunities for these remarkable young individuals.

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