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Leading HOHYPF Towards a Brighter Future

The Board

The Hard of Hearing Young People Foundation (HOHYPF) is guided by a board that is more than just a group of individuals; it’s a collective of passionate advocates. Our varied experiences and backgrounds focus on a common goal: to make a real and positive impact on the lives of hard-of-hearing youth. Each board member’s connection to our mission, whether through direct experience or close relationships with those who face hearing challenges, deepens our commitment and shapes the strategic direction of our foundation.

Empathy in Action

At the heart of our foundation’s values is a deep empathy for the challenges faced by the hard-of-hearing community. Our board members understand these difficulties firsthand or through their close ones, driving a strong commitment to alleviate these challenges and ensure that our actions are compassionate and targeted.

Overcoming Barriers

We recognize that hard-of-hearing individuals face more than just technological hurdles; accessibility regardless of one’s financial situation is also a significant challenge. From the beginning, HOHYPF has focused on breaking down financial barriers to ensure that transformative technologies reach those who need them most. Our efforts are dedicated to making empowerment through technology achievable for everyone.

Uniting for Change

Our board members and contributors are fundamental to our mission, each playing a crucial role in our efforts to create a world where hard-of-hearing youth can reach their full potential. We encourage you to learn more about our mission and the people behind it. If you have questions or want to support our cause, please reach out. Together, we are working towards a more inclusive and empathetic world.


Julius Tatarunas

President and Founder

Julius is the driving force behind the Hard of Hearing Young People Foundation, founded in 2011. His broad experience in finance and marketing, alongside a strong grasp of technology and international business economics, anchors his leadership. Julius’s educational background includes stints at Aalborg University, Vilniaus University, and Vytautas Magnus University. He is based in Chicago, IL, where he continues to lead the foundation’s efforts.


Donatas Abrutis

Board Member

Based in Chicago, Donatas brings valuable business insight and technological expertise to our strategic operations. His education at Vilniaus Universitetas provides him with the necessary knowledge to optimize our resources and keep pace with the latest in hearing technology.


Asta Katiliute

Board Member

Asta transitioned from social sciences in Europe to a notable career in international shipping, reflecting her diverse skills and global outlook. Her enthusiasm for exploration, evident in her personal hobbies like backpacking and rock climbing, also fuels her drive to explore new opportunities for the foundation’s growth.

Valued Contributors


Donna McGill

Volunteer Editor/Writer

Donna’s extensive writing experience, spanning various global clients and finance, greatly enhances our communications. Her expertise not only enriches our content but also amplifies our message of empowerment and awareness. Donna is also exploring novel writing, broadening her literary contributions.


Dawn Allcot

Volunteer Writer

Dawn brings detailed knowledge in health, science, and auditory technology to our narrative. Her work with Sound & Communications and as editor of the Acoustics & Audio Technology newsletter ensures our communications are scientifically accurate and resonate with current research.

Become a Contributor

If you’re motivated to impact the hard-of-hearing community, we welcome writers and contributors who can offer fresh insights, enlightening information, and inspiring stories. Whether you’re an expert in hearing-related fields, have personal stories to share, or are driven by advocacy, your contributions can significantly support our mission. Contact us through our contact form to discuss how you can join our efforts, or directly submit your articles or stories for review. Let’s work together to enhance the dialogue and support for HOH youth.

Amplify Our Impact

Help our efforts and empower young individuals with hearing impairments. Each donation supports our goal to make a significant difference.

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