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Guiding HOHYPF Towards a Brighter Future and Enpowerment

The Board

The Hard of Hearing Young People Foundation (HOHYPF) is anchored by a board that is far more than a mere assembly of individuals; it represents a united front of passionate advocates. Our diverse experiences and backgrounds converge on a shared vision: to drive significant, meaningful change for hard-of-hearing youth. The personal journeys of our members, be it through direct experiences or witnessing the challenges faced by loved ones, ignite a fervent commitment to our cause. This deep, personal connection to the mission not only fuels our dedication but also steers the strategic direction of the foundation.

Empathy in Action

At the core of our foundation’s ethos is an empathetic understanding of the obstacles encountered by the hard-of-hearing community. Our board members have either personally navigated the complexities of hearing impairments or have stood by as loved ones endeavored to overcome these challenges. This intimate acquaintance with the struggles inherent to hearing loss cultivates a profound desire within each of us to ameliorate these difficulties, ensuring that our endeavors are not just strategic but also deeply compassionate.

Overcoming Barriers

We acknowledge that the landscape of challenges for hard-of-hearing individuals extends beyond the realm of technological advancements. The true challenge lies in making these essential technologies accessible to those who need them most, irrespective of their economic circumstances. From the outset, the HOHYPF has been committed to breaking down these financial barriers, ensuring that every hard-of-hearing individual has the opportunity to benefit from life-changing technologies. Our concerted efforts aim to bridge this gap, making empowerment through technology a reachable reality for all.

Uniting for Change

Our board and contributors are the pillars of the Hard of Hearing Young People Foundation, each playing a vital role in our journey toward creating a world where hard-of-hearing youth are empowered to achieve their fullest potential. We invite you to learn more about our mission and the people driving it. For further inquiries or to offer your support, do not hesitate to reach out. Together, we are making strides towards a more inclusive and understanding world.


Julius Tatarunas

President and Founder

Julius is the visionary behind the Hard of Hearing Young People Foundation, established in 2011. His extensive expertise spans the financial and marketing realms, enriched by a profound understanding of technology and international business economics. His leadership is underpinned by a strong commitment to the foundation’s cause, bolstered by his roles in the financial sector and as a manager of a personal finance portal. Julius’s academic journey took him through Aalborg University, Vilniaus University, and Vytautas Magnus University. He resides in Chicago, IL, where he continues to drive the foundation’s mission forward.


Donatas Abrutis

Board Member

A Chicago-based entrepreneur, Donatas’s business acumen and technological savvy contribute immensely to our strategic operations. His education from Vilniaus Universitetas equips him with the insights necessary to optimize our resources and stay abreast of the latest advancements in hearing technology, ensuring our actions are impactful and forward-thinking.


Asta Katiliute

Board Member

Asta’s journey from her social sciences studies in Europe to her impressive career in international shipping exemplifies her diverse skill set and global perspective. Her passion for exploration, both in her professional life and personal interests like backpacking and rock climbing, mirrors her dedication to exploring new avenues for the foundation’s growth.

Valued Contributors


Donna McGill

Volunteer Editor/Writer

With a decade of writing experience spanning various global clients and a background in finance, Donna’s contributions to our communications are invaluable. Her expertise not only enriches our content but also strengthens our message of empowerment and awareness. Donna is currently expanding her literary horizons with her recent venture into novel writing.


Dawn Allcot

Volunteer Writer

Dawn’s expertise in health, science, and specifically, auditory technology, brings a nuanced depth to our narrative. Her work with Sound & Communications and as the editor of the Acoustics & Audio Technology newsletter ensures that our message is both accurate and resonant with the latest scientific insights.

Become a Contributor

Are you driven by a desire to make an impact in the hard-of-hearing community? We are actively seeking writers and contributors who can bring fresh perspectives, enlightening information, and inspiring narratives to our platform. Whether you have professional expertise in hearing-related fields, personal experiences to share, or simply a passion for advocacy, your contribution can be a beacon of change. Reach out to us through our contact form to discuss how you can become a part of our mission, or directly submit your article or story for review. Let’s collaborate to elevate the conversation and support HOH youth together.

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