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Navigating the Educational Journey: A Guide for Parents of Hard of Hearing Children

09312 min read

Empowering Your Child for Academic Success As the warmth of summer begins to permeate, the minds of parents with hard…

Considering a Hearing Assistance Dog?

011712 min read

Hearing assistance dogs redefine the role of companion animal, offering invaluable support to those with hearing challenges. These trained canines…

Need to Know

A thoughtful duo, an adult and a young one, are comfortably nestled on the cozy confines of a sofa. Their worlds currently revolved around the engaging universe unfurling from within the pages of a shared book. Holding it up between them acts as their bridge to shared understanding; their common ground despite hearing challenges.

Empowering Youth: Navigating Hard of Hearing vs Deafness

020222 min read

Understanding Auditory Impairments in the Young: A Comprehensive Guide Auditory impairments in youth encompass a spectrum of conditions that affect hearing capabilities. The distinction…

Katiamari Roman - how to effectively communicate with hard of hearing

Voices Unheard: Connecting with the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

01717 min read

Katiamari Roman shares her journey, shedding light on the communication barriers faced by the hard of hearing community and how we can bridge the…

Understanding presbycusis is important for seniors

Embracing the Echoes of Time: Understanding Presbycusis

07913 min read

Navigating Age-Related Hearing Loss with Grace and Knowledge Presbycusis, often unrecognized in its early stages, is a prevalent form of hearing loss that subtly…

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Hearing Aids

Here we have a young person, sporting her hearing aid like a badge of honor, harnessing the power within herself through expressive hand gestures. She's saying no to limitations imposed by her hearing challenges and yes to empowerment. Defining herself not by her condition but through self-belief, she steps boldly into a world where potential is limitless for those who dare to pursue it. This is the spirit that fuels our foundation: promoting understanding, respect, and inclusion for hard of hearing youth as they unlock their true potential in their journey towards achieving extraordinary things!

Revolutionizing Hearing: The Digital Age of Hearing Aids

013114 min read

Navigating the Future of Hearing Aids for Hard-of-Hearing Youth and Beyond In the rapidly evolving landscape of hearing technology, digital…

A dynamic team of youngsters, standing together for a snapshot moment in an embracing space. They are not just together; they are one, emitting an aura of empowerment and unity. These kids may be straining against the challenge of hearing limitations, yet their spirits aren't muted – they're amplified.

HOHYPF Teams with Westmont Lions Club: A Partnership for Hearing

0977 min read

In our ongoing mission to support and empower the hard of hearing community, the Hard of Hearing Young People Foundation…

A vibrant lady, engrossed in a captivating narrative, is imparting knowledge to one adorably curious infant stationed comfortably on the floor. This isn't just your ordinary story-time - it's a powerful moment filled with empowerment, which serves as a lifeline for those struggling with hearing difficulties.

Advances in Hearing Aids: A Leap Towards Inclusivity

0766 min read

From Bulky Devices to High-Tech Solutions: A Journey Towards Auditory Inclusivity Over the past two decades, the world of hearing…

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