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Back to School: Don’t Forget Your Child’s Hearing Check-Up

As the new back to school season draws near, parents nationwide are gearing up for the big day. In the rush to buy supplies and set schedules, it’s easy to miss one key health check: the Child’s Hearing Check-Up. Keeping your child’s ears healthy is vital for their learning and happiness. Recent studies stress the need for frequent hearing tests, showing worrying trends among young people today.

The Growing Issue of Tinnitus in Teens

More and more high schoolers are reporting tinnitus, or constant ear ringing. A Belgian study by Antwerp University Hospital found that 75% of youth experienced temporary tinnitus, with 20% suffering constantly. The problem often stems from listening to loud music on personal devices. Dr. Josef Shargorodsky from Johns Hopkins Medicine points out the serious nature of this issue, highlighting that it often comes with other hearing losses, making things worse.

Studies show that 20% of teens with tinnitus face troubles with talking and focusing. This leads to poorer school results and more missed days. The emotional impact is deep, causing them to pull back from friends and class talks.

Challenges in the Classroom During the Back to School Season

Kids with hearing problems find school particularly tough. They may struggle to follow lessons, join in discussions, or connect with classmates. Catching these issues early is crucial. Regular Child’s Hearing Check-Up can spot mild problems before they get worse.

Parents should make sure their kids get checked every year by a specialist. This active step helps avoid bigger issues later and supports their child’s school and social life.

The Impact of Sports and Injuries

Sports after school can also affect hearing. Injuries, especially to the head and face, can lead to tinnitus or lasting hearing damage. Making sure kids wear the right protective gear during sports like football is key.

The Link Between Obesity and Hearing Loss

Recent findings also link obesity with hearing loss in teens. Research by Dr. Anil K. Lalwani at Columbia University Medical Center shows obese teens face over double the risk of hearing loss than their peers. Often, this hearing loss isn’t noticed, which underscores the need for regular hearing tests for all kids, especially those who are overweight.

Preventive Measures and Advice for Parents

There are steps parents can take to protect their children’s hearing. Limiting how long and loud kids listen to music through earbuds helps. If they can’t hear you from a short distance, it’s too loud.

Vaccines also play a big role in preventing hearing damage. For example, rubella can cause hearing loss in newborns if the mother gets it during pregnancy. Making sure teens get their MMR shots prevents such issues.

As you get your child ready for back to school, remember the Child’s Hearing Check-Up. Frequent ear tests can spot problems early, avoiding bigger issues and helping your child succeed at school and with friends. By being proactive, parents can make sure their kids are set for a successful school year.


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