Empowering Young Individuals

Advancing hard-of-hearing youth with dedicated education, advocacy, and innovative technology, opening doors to growth and achievement.

Our Initiatives

At the Hard of Hearing Young People Foundation (HOHYPF), our commitment to supporting and assisting hard of hearing youth worldwide is unwavering as we embrace the advancements of 2024 and beyond. Our mission extends beyond the provision of support and hearing aids; it’s about ensuring equitable access to technological advances regardless of economic status. We are driven by the conviction that the beauty of the world should be accessible to all, both in sight and sound.

Bridging Gaps

Our endeavors focus on bringing awareness and education to the forefront, aiming to bridge the communication divide between the hearing and non-hearing communities. The stark reality is that in the United States alone, 3 out of every 1,000 children are born with significant hearing loss, with the majority being born to parents with normal hearing. Despite the availability, only a fraction of those who could benefit from hearing aids have access to them. Our goal is to change these statistics, starting now.

Overcoming Barriers

The challenges faced by young individuals with hearing loss, especially those from underprivileged backgrounds, are profound. Lack of access to medical care and hearing devices significantly hampers their ability to develop language skills and maintain a quality of life. Our foundation is committed to addressing these obstacles, aiming to empower these young individuals and educate the community at large.


We offer educational resources, including e-books, articles, and tailored programs, designed to meet the specific needs of HOH youth.

Awareness Campaigns

Our campaigns focus on increasing public understanding and empathy towards hearing impairments, fostering a more inclusive society.

Hearing Aid Distribution

We facilitate the collection, refurbishment, and distribution of HA to those in need, ensuring technology serves its purpose.

Community Support

Building a supportive network for hard-of-hearing individuals and their families, offering guidance, counseling, and assistance.

Research and Advocacy

Engaging in research to drive impactful policy changes and robustly advocating for the rights and needs of the hard-of-hearing community.

Technology Access

Ensuring the latest in hearing technology is accessible to all, regardless of economic background, to improve life quality.

In our journey to make a meaningful difference, we invite you to explore our initiatives and find out how you can contribute to this vital mission. Whether you’re seeking support or looking to offer help, your engagement is crucial to our collective success. For inquiries or to get involved, please reach out to us through our contact page. Together, we can create a world where every hard-of-hearing youth has the opportunity to thrive.

Amplify Our Impact

Support our initiatives and empower young individuals with hearing impairments. Every donation fuels our mission to make a difference.

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