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As we know, there have been tremendous technological advances in the hard of hearing community. From state of the art hearing aids that have made possible what would no one would have believed as recently as a decade ago to the designs and availability, there’s no denying the impressive strides.

This week, we thought we would explore a few of those cutting edge companies that have really brought to the forefront opportunities that are changing lives on a daily basis.



This truly is one of the fastest growing manufacturers in hearing aids in the world. Phonak’s goal is to improve the quality of life of people with hearing loss. It’s recognized in the industry as a formidable group of talented and dedicated engineers who look to not only get past those technological frustrations, but they also focus on hearing acoustics and by doing so, the Swiss company has truly raised the bar. With this company, affordability is an important element in its product development, as well.

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Most of us are familiar with the name Siemens; it is, after all, one of the largest companies in the world. What makes this so interesting is it was one of the first companies that found a way to incorporate blue tooth into its products. Its partner for hearing aids is Miracle Ear, which offers up its ClearVation technology. It brings

perfect balance of clarity, comfort and personalization

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If there’s any company that’s taken its online presence to new levels, Oticon is it. With its People First promise, Oticon’s promise is to empower the hard of hearing community to communicate easily with an ease and natural flow. The Oticon Foundation is an organization that was founded to help those with hearing loss, especially young people who are always seeking ways to live with no constraints. It’s a global company that’s been in business for more than one hundred years.

Its history includes a truly beautiful love story. The company was founded by Hans Demant, a Danish businessman whose young wife suffered from hearing loss. He made it his mission to make her life easier with the hopes of providing a miracle that would restore her hearing. It was the late 1800s, and of course, the technology was far different, but in 1904, he founded Oticon. It’s natural, then, that Demant insisted on compassion being one of the hallmarks of his company.

It remains a family company, though it’s partnered with many companies over the years. The Oticon Foundation continues to partner with those companies that also focus on hearing solutions for young people. Part of its mission statement sums it up beautifully,

People First means that our passion is not just to create superior hearing instruments — it also fuels our commitment to empower people to communicate freely, interact naturally and participate actively in life.

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Widex International recently unveiled its new line of hearing aids, Widex Dream. It’s a combination of the absolute latest in technological advances that come from the latest medical research in understanding hearing loss. Its technology, True-Input, allows the hearing aids to better anticipate input ranges and true fidelity of all sounds that enter the hearing aid. There’s a certain depth and clarity that the wearer experiences.

Often, while young people struggle with reduced hearing, many say the fact that their speech is affected is often more challenging than the hearing loss itself. With DREAM, users experience sound processing that provides an “artefact-free signal for optimal sound processing”. It really is an exciting line of products and since its unveiling in January 2013, there have been many who say nothing even comes close.

For young people in the hard of hearing community, Widex also offers an extensive line of hearing aids in a wide range of colors and styles. Also, the Widex BABY440 provides the youngest affected by hearing loss the opportunity to develop the way their counterparts do. With the technology that’s now available, it can help those little ones naturally develop their speech syntax.

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Sonic Innovations

This manufacturer had a bit of a slowdown, or so it seemed for the past couple of years. Turns out, it too was perfecting its own technology, touted as Pep. It too brings incredible digital technology that allows a clarity that many companies can’t seem to master. It’s also revamped the hearing aids themselves. They’re small, lightweight and have high satisfaction rates for comfort.

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This company, which is redefining itself as its founder maps his future toward retirement, has carefully timed its business model releases. Most interesting is its advances in tinnitus treatments. That exclusive offer is known as Xino Tinnitus and the reviews are more than impressive. Don’t let its cautious approach fool you – this company stays on the cutting edge of technology and it has made impressive strides, especially in recent years.

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This company, for half a century, has consistently provided quality hearing aid solutions for the hard of hearing community. It too offers an impressive line of hearing aids for young people. The platform is solid and it has one of the better solution models for hearing in difficult environments, such as those where sounds are competing – arenas, parties, large groups of people with significant background noise.

Also, Unitron places an emphasis on the design of its hearing aids as well. They’re designed to be sleek and inconspicuous, though there’s also a collection of aids that include vivid color choices, which is something many young people like. The family of hearing aids have IP57 ratings and easily pass even the most stringent debris and water testing. With a complete line of hearing aids, accessories and styles, this is a company that really tries to provide something for everyone – and it doesn’t have to compromise to do so, which, as those with hearing problems know, can sometimes be challenging for a company.

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This is a great company, just because of its efforts in creating a more natural and organic sound experience. Another particularly impressive solution Resound offers is the capability to use your smartphone to adjust your hearing aids – which means you don’t have to remove your aid to make those adjustments. This is significant and the technology will only continue to provide options along these lines.

We also wanted to mention the commitment to research this company demonstrates. It offers a ReSound eCademy course for professionals so that they can then provide the best solutions for those with hearing limitations. It’s an added bonus that reiterates the commitment to making a difference.

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This too is a name most equate to hearing aids. Most recently – and perhaps in one of the most exciting advances in hearing technology in quite some time – the company unveiled its Direct Phone Link 2 and it was designed specifically to ensure compatibility with the latest iPhone products. It “enables major advance in discreet control of hearing aid functionality”. The reviews have been impressive, too.

Not only that, but Beltone is also the company that introduced Micro-Invisa in recent months. It’s custom made for every patient and promises invisibility and comfort. In short, Beltone has consistently ranked high in both patient satisfaction and affordability.

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These, of course, are just a few of the many manufacturers that are bringing to the forefront impressive technology, which means better opportunities for the hard of hearing community.

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