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Considering a Hearing Assistance Dog?

Hearing Assistance Dog

Source: Hearing Elmo

Hearing dogs assist deaf and hard of hearing individuals by alerting them to sounds in the household or other surroundings.

From a door knock or doorbell, maybe an alarm clock, telephone or even a baby’s cry, these specially trained dogs make physical contact and lead their deaf partners to the source of the sound.

They’re often mixed breeds and are usually small to medium size. Their training includes a formal program that teaches audio responses and the younger dogs are socialized by volunteer trainers. They certainly become a part of the family; owners and dogs become bonded very quickly.

Thinking of a hearing assistance dog? Here are a few things to consider and they should be a part of your decision making process.

Celebrity Dog

Your dog is sure to become a celebrity in some ways. He will attract attention and the fact he’s wearing an orange vest adds to that attention, especially in places dogs aren’t traditionally found.- church, the supermarket and restaurants for example. You should be aware of that, especially if you tend to prefer to move through the grocery store aisles quickly.

As remarkable as these dogs are, they have the same requirements as other dogs. They’re highly trained, of course, but it’s important to keep in mind their natural inclinations and allow them to indulge those inclinations. They need exercise and the opportunity to plunder around the back yard. Also, too, keep in mind that dogs require a bit of “continuing education” so to speak so that they can continue to serve in the role of providing guidance for their masters.

Powerful Bonds

As mentioned, your bond with your hearing assistance dog will be strong – it’s important to understand your dog will be by your side and it’s possible he may even be slightly more bonded to you than you are to him. That’s just the nature of dogs – loyal from day one.

Owners of hearing assistance dogs say the independence gained as a result is incredibly empowering. The availability of training programs around the nation makes it a truly viable option. Of course, there are those who have trained their own dogs with great success – it requires patience, consistency and commitment. Bottom line, however, is anyone considering adding one of these dogs to their family must take into account the intricacies that come with the decision.


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